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Dwelling Place Associates
(l-r)(front) Kathleen Gruseck, Shirley Butler, Joan Bartik (back) Mary Horrell, Debbie Lankford, Diana Berthelot, Michele Moore, Clara Hicks and Clare Van Lent.
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Share the Mission.
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Deepen Spirituality
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Share in Community

Dwelling Place Associates are individuals who wish to:

share in the ministry of The Dwelling Place;
deepen their own spiritual life;
mutually support one another in their shared search.

Share the Mission

You and the Community work together to discover areas in which you might assist:

as a volunteer who contributes as time permits;
as a financial supporter;
as a member of our ministry of Intercessory Prayer.

Deepen Spiritually

Each Associate commits to:

worship weekly with a local Faith community of his/her choice;
spend time daily in personal prayer, reading, reflection and journaling;
make a yearly weekend retreat.

Share in Community

Each Associate is encouraged to attend the gatherings/retreats of Associates as a time to pray, play and share our spiritual journeys.

Associates are not just individuals who reside in proximity to The Dwelling Place; membership is open to all Christians who wish to further the reign of God in our corner of the globe.

Sound interesting?

Join with us in exploring the possibilities of becoming a Dwelling Place Associate... could be just what you're looking for.

Contact our office for details.