March 1, 2000 Vol. 14, No. 1 [p. 2]

$200,000 by 2000 UPDATE

Our final report on reaching our goal of $100,000 in hours pledged at $10.00 per hour and $100,000 in cash. We received:

We are Very happy and grateful for all the donated hours and moneys. The Dwelling Place is small but our friends have willing hands and generous hearts.. We can never put a money value on generosity-- it is priceless! You are priceless!

"Together we walk,
hand in hand,
guided by the Spirit"

Annual Appeal Report

Those words taken from our Annual Appeal flyer, echo the reality that we are in this ministry together. We are all called to evangelize, heal, and proclaim God's reign. We do that in different ways; we at The Dwelling Place were called to do that here knowing that it is an impossible task without the larger community's support. We are so grateful to all who responded to our Annual Appeal in November and December.

We have used these moneys for:

"You shall hallow the fiftieth year...
there shall be a sabbath
of complete rest for the land,
a sabbath for the Lord."
(Leviticus 25)

Make a committment this Jubilee year to let the "land" of your heart enjoy a sabbath of complete rest for and with the Lord.

Respond to Christ's invitation to "Come away and rest awhile" in the solitude of a hermitage at The Dwelling Place. Renew that relationship with Christ. Let him love you.

Mary and our new Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden Donated

Mary Horrell poses amidst the newly created Memorial Garden donated by the Horrell family in honor of their husband and father, Paul Horrell, who died in July, 1998.


Grant Received for Ministry to the Abused

The Dwelling Place has received $7200 through an A C T S (Agnesian Caring Through Sharing) grant from the Sisters of St. Agnes, Fon du Lac, Wisconsin to subsidize abused spouses who desire to deal with their pain.

Often financial resources are not available for those dealing with abuse, either in a shelter or as they try to regain their life after living in an abusive situation.

We extend a special invitation to anyone who is/has been in counseling and is ready to let God in to heal the wounds of violence, abandonment, and abuse.

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