March 1, 2004 Vol. 18, No. 1 [p. 2]

Highlights from The Dwelling Place Community

(standing) Elaine Fish

This February saw the Companion members of The Community renew their commitment to assist in the ministry of The Dwelling Place for another three years. Elaine Fish is pictured here renewing her three year commitment.

The Community wants to extend an invitation to our friends who are interested in assisting us in our ministry here to become Associates. ...more about this in the next newsletter!

Visa or Master Card to be accepted soon

We have had a considerable number of requests from you to be able to pay using Visa or Master Card. We are now in process of setting up the system. Hopefully before the next newsletter we will be able to put this into effect.

Clare's Corner

In this little "Corner" column I will share with you our dreams of the future and the steps we are taking to make it a reality. God has called this Dwelling Place into being and continues to faithfully sustain it and work in peoples' lives. God just needs our hands to make it a reality.

The "Our" in our hands are those of yours and the staff here. We (you and the staff) share a combined ministry to the seeker, the abused, grieving, and addicted. It is a noble trust that God has put in us.

Jan. 31- Jean Haspeslagh, Clara Hicks, and Community seek George Roman's advice.

"In faith we build" seems like a good motto for the months ahead. We took a recess after the feasibility study but knew we had to get serious again about our need to erect an administration building and a kitchen/dining room.

There is no doubt there is need to replace the old triple-wide trailer and adjoining lean-to which has served for over 40 years as monastery, administration, and kitchen/dining facility. What the replacement will look like is now our joyful task.

Since our last newsletter we have met with Bill Rosamund, our architect, and the building has begun to take shape--on paper.

After consulting Father Jeffrey Waldrep who is in the midst of a capital campaign himself in Macon and George Roman, the Executive Director of the Catholic Foundation for the diocese, we have decided to hire Capital Development Services from St. Louis to lead us in our campaign.

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