March 1, 2005 Vol. 19, No. 1 [p. 2]

Mary and 'John Deere'

John Deere Joins Staff

In December we grieved and rejoiced. Grieved that our John Deere 318 that had been our faithful friend for over 15 years died. Within a few days his descendant G T 2 4 5 came to assist.

Yes, the John Deere Cap also came with the deal. Now our task is to get Mary OFF the tractor. Our grounds in January have never looked so clean. Come and see.

For Your Information

We are becoming very high tech! Not only is the Mastercard and Visa terminal in operation but we can also do electronic transfers for donations.

Many Thanks to--

In Memoriam: Noel English

Just after the last newsletter went to the printers we were saddened to hear of the death of Noel English. His mother, Billie, was a friend of The Dwelling Place for many years, and the December issue contained many memorials in her honor.

Noel was killed in a plane crash in Afghanistan on November 27, 2004. We send our sympathy and our prayerful support to Aero, his father, and to Lauren, his sister.

Juana Rodriguez [center] and her family

Round and About

December 12- Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe was a celebration of new life. Our housekeeper, Juana Rodriguez was expecting a baby so in lieu of a Community Christmas party we held a baby shower for Juana. Anna Laura Rodriguez arrived safely January 18.

January 8th was a party day- we celebrated Epiphany with some of our Sister friends and other faith filled women from the area. Mary taught us a new variety of dominoes as we swapped gifts.

The birds have been here in droves- cardinals, blue jays, red-wing blackbirds, gold finches, juncos, sparrows, meadow-larks - and a determined red-headed woodpecker who hangs upside down from a branch to eat at his preferred birdfeeder.

You should see the bee colony that has taken up residence high in one of our old pines. Quite a large hive and an impressive sight. They are adding a second nearby.

Clare's Corner

So what's been happening with the Capital Campaign?

For the most part, our individual meetings and in-home gatherings are over. Rhonda Ferguson is heading up her committee to make contacts with corporations in the area.

To date we have $225,499 pledged and have received $28,834 in donations. This comes to a total of $254,333.

We are so grateful for all of you who have pledged or have given donations. We thank you for the hope that you give us and the trust that you put in the future of this ministry among you.

As you may know we had to take out a line of credit to borrow the funds to conduct the campaign. We have paid that down to $20,200 for which we are most grateful.

As you may remember in our communications with you, we informed you that since the campaign superceded the Annual Appeal, the average amount of $9000 that usually accrued from that appeal was taken from the capital campaign, also.

As you mentally do the math, you will see that this total thus far of $254,333 does not quite touch the preliminary goal of $300,000. We are hoping that further pledges and donations from Corporations will help us reach that goal.

Although the funds pledged are not sufficient to begin construction, we are moving ahead with building plans believing and trusting that as we step forth in faith, we will have the funds needed when everything comes together. We have had some in-kind gift offers and will continue to pursue grants, also.

Sheila Avery, who is administering your pledges and donations, asks that you please earmark donations for capital campaign or operating expenses. She wants to give you proper credit. She appreciates your faithful followup on your pledges and is especially pleased with the large number who have chosen to make contributions through automatic transfer.

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