March 1, 2006 Vol. 20, No. 1 [p. 2]

Dwelling Place Receives
Weyerhaeuser Grant

The Dwelling Place received an early Christmas present from the Weyerhaeuser Foundation when we were awarded a $5000 grant toward our building fund.

Proposed administration/ dining facility

We are especially grateful to Ms. Elizabeth Grossman, president of the Foundation, and to Mr. Dennis Turner from the Columbus unit for the encouragement and direction they gave us during the application process.

We know how important our outreach is for the benefit of this area of east central Mississippi and we are especially grateful when a local corporation of the stature of Weyerhaeuser recognizes it and joins us in our efforts for The Community, also.

Round and About

The ravages of the hurricane meant that our roof repairs to the main trailer/kitchen dining room were delayed but thanks to Sudduth Roofing and the grant from the Catholic Foundation, there are no more brown spots appearing on the kitchen ceiling after rain - and Mary has been able to fold up the tarps and pile up the bricks that anchored them in place in our attempts to minimize the leaks.

Katrina also did her deed on the roofs of the chapel, Clare House, Maria House, and Umbria Guest House. Wheeler Roofing has replaced those roofs with the help of our insurance.

Gathering of the Remnant

(l to r) Mary, Clare, Jean, Mary Ann, and Clara

Our Community retreat of February 16-18 was NOT what we had planned. We had assumed we would welcome a Candidate, two Sojourners, and a Companion to our Community.

Several Associates planned to re-commit themselves to service for one year--but--illness and bad weather shrank our ranks to one-third of our projected number and changed our focus considerably. However, healthy Mary, Clare, Jean, Mary Ann, and Clara braved the elements. Prayer, study, planning, good food, and fun go very smoothly with only five!!

Many thanks to ...

Clare's Corner

"You know an organization is in trouble when it has more memories than it has dreams." (source unknown)

When I heard that quote recently it jarred my thoughts--then resonated with me as I consider our current efforts at The Dwelling Place. Our dreams for the future are evident in our efforts at our building campaign but also are shown in the ongoing efforts in ministry through our retreats, Dwelling Place Community, associates, and advisory board.

We believe that God has a plan for this ministry in this spot of Mississippi. I am also convinced that remembering God's past acts of loving kindness fuels our faith in the future. We have nearly 20 years of memories.

Remembering God's faithfulness to us in the past is an important way of staying hopeful in the present. This ministry has grown from a tiny mustard seed to what it is today--a sign of unity and beacon of hope for many. We believe God is active and is directing us in our current struggles as He has done in the past.

Clare's signature

I believe God works through our combined efforts. We rely on and celebrate your belief in and support of this ministry here. Together we make up the Body of Christ doing our bit to establish the reign of God in people's hearts now.

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