March 1, 2008 Vol. 22, No. 1 [p. 2]

Mardi Gras Drawdown

Anna House and Jean Wrather

The Mardi Gras Drawdown held February 1st in Lee Home, Columbus was a smashing success. Pictured below is a thumbnail sketch of the joy and events of the evening.

The unique Mardi Gras decorations created by Anna House and her friend, Jean Wrather, enhanced the innate beauty of the antebellum home. "It is as beautifully decorated as I have ever seen it," remarked Heather Rowland, who heads up the rental of the Lee Home with the Columbus Arts Council.

Clara Hicks adds finishing touches

Tom Hannigan (right) and members of the Golden Triangle Guitar Society provided the music.

Delicious hors d'oeuvres, at the invitation of Karen Henry, were provided by many friends.

Bill and Angela Campbell and Susan and Francis Baird joined in the festivities.

Clare holds the box as Mary draws the winner

Friends and staff helped us meet our goal of selling 100 tickets. Prizes of cash, blankets, and Dwelling Place goodies were given away during the evening until the final ticket was drawn.

Anne Blazejak from Des Plaines, Illinois won the $2000 final draw. Anne's win gives evidence of our outreach within the larger community, throughout Mississippi, the neighboring states, and the nation. We thank everyone who bought a ticket or helped in any way to make the evening such a success.

No Show Ball Results

Remember the No-Show-Ball? It was the new twist that Karen Henry and her daughter, Courtney, put on our Annual Appeal during November-December.

You all responded so generously. So that you wouldn't have to come to the Ball you gave $14,285. In 2006 you gave $8,220 to our Annual Appeal. It's amazing what price one will pay to stay away from a party!

God's Bounty Shown in a Car!

God's gifts come in many ways.

The Dwelling Place is now the owner of this 2008 Honda C R V thanks to the generosity of Mary Voss from Rockport, Texas, our longtime benefactor who has kept us in 'wheels' since 1987.

Our 2000 Honda Odyssey served us well; however, we have already introduced the C R V to our gravel road and it passed the test.

Reflections on 2007

Recently, as I reflected back on 2007 and put together the annals for last year, I was struck by several contrasting elements. Following the national trend in other retreat houses, we had fewer retreatants in '07; however, on the plus side, we have experienced a tremendous show of support for our ministry from so many people...

all were so willing-- and that is not counting all of you who participated in each of them.


It seems the chicken farm threat has passed; we are so grateful for your concern in that struggle. Your financial support, the food, and commodities you have shared- all these give us the means and encouragement to continue to serve you in the year ahead.

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