March 1, 2012 Vol. 26, No. 1 [p. 2]

Mardi Gras Celebration!
Lee Home
February 3, 2012

Mardi Gras centerpiece

Clare in her jester's hat chats with Bill and Billie Heath of Columbus

Mary celebrates with Pam Sullivan as she prepares to call the prize winners

(l-r) Ginny Konieczki, Mary Pat Curtis, Patsy Smythe, Jo Ann and Jim Kitchens

Wonderful decorations, savory food, swinging music, delicious drinks, lots of good friends and -- prizes all night long.

Thanks to Jo Ann Kitchens for creating a Mardi Gras atmosphere, Karen Henry and Monika Beatty and all the generous cooks who donated the wonderful hors d'oeuvres. Thanks, also, to Jim Kitchens for donating the wine, St. Joe KCs for donating the beer and Tony Torrez for serving it.

Tom Hannigan, Ed Swain, Larry Priest, and Bob Damm created the perfect spirit with their music. And then Mary called the un-winning tickets all evening- except for the special prizes the Dwelling Place provided.

Ginny Konieczki, Mary Pat Curtis, Patsy Smythe, and Jo Ann and Jim Kitchens (see photo) were among the many who enjoyed each other's company as they waited for their name NOT to be drawn :)   Even though only one won the big prize, all were winners in showing support for the Dwelling Place ministry!

The final name drawn was Anne Wiesner from Rockport, Texas for the $2500 grand prize. Congratulations, Anne!

A Special thanks to all who purchased tickets in support of the Drawdown; we were unable to respond to each of you individually. You made everything possible. God's blessings and bounty be yours.


During 2011 through the efforts of Sister Margie Feldner we received several grants. We are grateful to her and to the foundations that responded to her requests.

In March we received the Koch Foundation grant for $20,000. This was put toward establishing the dining room as a stand-alone building by creating a wall, re-doing wiring, plumbing and sewer which had all been connected through the old trailer.

In November we received $2000 from the Catholic Foundation for replacement of a computer, printer and scanner that were eight years old. Electrical storms wracked havoc with all our computers last year, too.

In December we received $500 from Schwab Charitable Foundation through the generosity of Carol and Guy Taff for operating expenses.

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