March 1, 2014 Vol. 28, No. 1 [p. 2]


Our new covered walkway.


Believe it or not, the Jonquils are full of buds and even a few blossoms.

A new covered walkway now joins the chapel and the dining room. In November Southern Awning of Columbus built this walkway for us. We are so grateful. It was paid for through a grant from the Catholic Foundation of the Jackson diocese.

Interested in getting away
for one or more days of solitude and self-care?
Here is the place!

The Dwelling Place is a place of hospitality and prayer open to people of all Christian traditions. Scheduled retreats are offered two weekends each month; the remainder of the days are available for private or individually guided retreats or group retreat days. Spiritual direction and individual prayer are also available.

Consider bringing your prayer group, deacons, parish council, or a group of faith-filled friends to experience the peace and renewal that so many individuals experience here. Bring your own director. Tailor the time to fit your need for silence, prayer, sharing and input. Check our web site for options available.

Making Friends with PayPal

At the insistence of our advisory board member, Francis Baird, James McWharter, an IT from MSU, and Lee Terrio, our webmaster, directed us in setting up PayPal to receive donations, planned giving donations and retreat fees.

Donate online with PayPal

Our PayPal "button" (sample at the left) can be used to assist in sending a donation or retreat fee online. We are using PayPal as our online 'banker' but you need not be a member of PayPal for it to function. It accepts any credit card and/or checking account.

We hope that this ease of operation will facilitate and encourage your charitable giving and your registrations for retreats.

Round 'n About

The Dwelling Place nows owns a pick-up! For fifteen years Mary has donated her pick-up for 'hauling work' around the grounds. Our only expense has been to put in gas occasionally. During the past months the truck has needed major repair until it is no longer road trustworthy. The wrecking business has been thriving on her calls for assistance! We purchased her truck from her for work on site and she used the funds for trade-in on a new vehicle. Now that she has done major repairs, the truck will be an asset to our work here. Thanks, Mary.

Our Memorial Garden

Our Suzuki digital piano in chapel began to squeal and howl instead of providing beautiful music. Mr. Miles Honnell from Columbus repaired it and has it back in 'music making' business. A keyboard is essential to our prayer and our ministry here. We are so grateful.

Along with the above two unexpected expenses, Mary's computer has needed major repair. It is still in process of getting the kinks out. Now, the roof of Maria House hermitage is leaking! Probably from one of the recent storms. Hopefully the insurance will take care of that. Combined, all of these have added up to over $3500.

Because of your generous donations at Christmas and the Annual appeal, we have been able to meet these costs. We still have a sizeable debt from the remodeling of the dining room/kitchen last year and the re-siding of the chapel; however, these have all been essential and were a fraction, approx. less than 15%, of the cost of a new dining room/kitchen.

Recently Sheila stepped out of the office just when the UPS man came. Shadow, our 11 year old mostly lab, who was inside the building, warned the man by her bark and when he reached inside, she snapped at him. "Don't come in here, sir!" The gentle animal is so protective of us. Prince? he hides behind Sheila's chair!!

Grants received in 2013

$500-- Diane Howard Charitable Foundation- Mack and Katie Howard
$2000-- Schwab Charitable Foundation- Carol Taff
$2000-- Russell Gaines and Lynn Gaines Memorial Fund, Mr. J. Gaines- Russell and Lynn Gaines
$2000-- Catholic Foundation of Jackson Diocese
$3000-- Daughters of the King
$500-- Lendon Best Gift Fund- Donald Best
$38,000-- 28 monthly and quarterly Planned Givers

We are so grateful to all of these who believe in the ministry of The Dwelling Place.

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