March 1, 1999 Vol. 13, No. 1 [p. 2]

----$200,000 by 2000----

Yes, you read correctly!! Our goal is $200,000 by the end of 1999. At first glance it may sound far too ambitious. But wait! Actually, our goal is as follows:

$100,000 in hours pledged
at $10.00 per hour and $100,000 in cash.

Many of you have shared your time and talents with us by volunteering here with the many tasks to be done. This year we will just keep track of all those hours and put a monetary value on them. Your generosity is priceless, so lets have some fun with it. This is our Y 2 K plan!

In 1998 we received over $100,000 in donations. These are helping us meet our daily operating expenses as well as complete San Damiano.

This year, our goal is to retire our loan, to build the east porch and the west deck on San Damiano, complete the dirt work and drive way to San Damiano, and to meet operating expenses. No little goal, would you say?

As you know, we are not sponsored by a larger institution. We are not sponsored by the Catholic diocese although they are generous to us: we are not sponsored by the Dubuque Franciscans although Sr. Maggie serves here; we are financed by the fees we charge and the donations we receive from all of you. I guess you could say we are sponsored by the Holy Spirit.

Join us. Together we can reach $200,000 by 2000

Volunteer and Hermitage Internship Program

Are you looking for ways to use your talents and skills directly serving those who need and want your help?

Are you interested in living in community with others with committments similar to yours?

Do you feel called by Jesus to walk more closely in his footsteps?

Then, you are invited to consider serving as a Dwelling Place Volunteer or enter our Internship Program.

Both programs are for those individuals who may choose to offer service and live-in for a short period of time or up to a year. They will share in the ministry, life, and prayer of The Community.

Dwelling Place Volunteers are needed with skills in retreat work, building and ground maintenance, food service, library and secretarial work. Volunteers live and work with staff and other volunteers.

The Hermitage Internship Program includes quality Hermitage time, study of the history and charism of the Franciscan hermitage experience and erection of hermitages, experience of hospitality, prayer, administration, and joining in the life of The Community.

If you are interested, contact Clare for further information and the application process.

Kosse Italian Cuisine

Mary Dee and Sr. Maggie

----- Round 'n About -----

Mary Ann Dee and Sr. Maggie (see photo) enjoy their first efforts at trying out Maggie's new pasta maker. Spaghetti and fettucini were on the menu that week!


Rejoice! New telephone lines to the hermitages have been laid! No more extra treks in case of a schedule change. The core of the system was moved to the chapel sacristry and lines were also laid to Umbria and San Damiano. Now ALL our phones are on one system. On January 19 Jerry Reynolds, a cable fiber specialist, and crew gave our system new life. Thanks, Jerry.

(l to r) Mary, John, Morag, and Jean

Speaking of new life-- here Mary, John, Morag, and Jean enjoy themselves taking down the wall between Rooms 1 & 3 in the main trailer. Inside the wall was the note: "This wall was erected February 1985."

Next the carpets came up, a sink was removed, and walls were painted. New ceiling and carpeting are making it ready for Mary to move in after school is out. Welcome, Mary!

When you drive up the lane your car may struggle in our thick gravel. Because many of our contractors who were doing work we had funded through the Catholic Foundation were most generous in their fees, we had moneys left over for several loads of much needed gravel for all our parking lots and driving areas. When the weather dries a little, grading can be done. Now we tread through the deep!

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