June 1, 2001 Vol. 15, No. 2 [p. 2]

Phillip Pepper


"Phillip was a man of few words, but like E. F. Hutton, when he spoke, everyone listened," says Community member Mary Horrell when describing Phillip.

Phillip Wyche Pepper of Jackson, Mississippi, a retired technician, died of injuries sustained in an automobile accident on Good Friday, April 13. Traveling on Highway 12 west of Kosiusko, he was struck head on at the crest of a hill by a car attempting to pass two vehicles going up a hill. Funeral services were held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Canton with burial in Ellison Methodist Church Cemetery in Vaughn, Mississippi.

We mourn with his mother, the entire Pepper family and Dolly and their three children, Richard Mark of Huntsville, Patrick Brian of Pearl, and Katherine Michelle Moore of Brandon. In the name of all who were associated with Phillip in any way through The Dwelling Place, we extend our love and support. We grieve with you.

Phillip had been affiliated with The Dwelling Place since 1990 when he and Dolly became some of the first Dwelling Place Associates. For eleven years he offered his quiet presence in prayer and service. He took an active part in the evolution of the Associates as they became The Dwelling Place Community. He was vice-president of the new Community.

Phillip was a man of prayer. He often came to The Dwelling Place for directed retreats. He was a true contemplative, and God and he found each other in the silence and solitude.

Phillip Pepper

The most apparent qualities of Phillip were his tremendous analytical mind and the dexterity with which he used his hands. It is easy to understand why he was Kroger's 'fix it' man for their scanners and computers throughout the state. He would quietly assess the difficulty, then move to repair it- with no fuss or fanfare.

He and Dolly were the first to come to assist with an event and the last to leave when the work was completed. He volunteered faithfully each month, repairing small engines and electronic equipment, rebuilding, and creating. His most frequent task was the installation and (never ending) upkeep of the path lights. His last project was the creation of a screen door for the crawl space under the staff house. That is one of many memorials he has left us to remember him.

We love you, Phillip. We hate it that you were jerked from your family-- and us. But we believe that you are near. We know you will continue to watch over your loved ones, and we trust that we now have another intercessor in heaven for our ministry here at The Dwelling Place. Sr. Maggie continues to help us in our ministry and to fill our retreats. Phillip, we are counting on you to help us find someone to keep things repaired-- especially those path lights!!



Realizing Phillip's love for this ministry, Dolly designated that memorials could be made to The Dwelling Place. As of May 10, memorials given by the following people have been recorded:

Joan Bartik
Cliff and Morag Burgess
Mary Ann Dee
Delta Implement Company
Elaine Fish
Bruce and Elizabeth Gaskin
Joseph Harwell
Lois Heard

Mary Horrell
Toni and John Maloney
Rob and Donna Reifschneider
Elizabeth Rich
Jacqueline Spong
Richard Spong
George Roman
Clare Van Lent

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