June 1, 2003 Vol. 17, No. 2 [p. 2]

Gazebo and Meditation areas become a reality

Jack Zimmerman and Mary

Our gazebo and pond

The gazebo arrived April 2. Jack Zimmerman and Mary pose beside and in the results of their hard labor preparing the gazebo for comfort and beauty. Come sit in its swing, and survey the beauty of pond and flowers.

Jack came from Cookville, Tennessee to help us- and he left a new chain saw as a remembrance of his visit. Thanks, Jack.

Clare, Owen McGuire, and Mary


What do you do during spring break? How about creating cement sidewalks and platforms for the meditation areas at The Dwelling Place! Here Owen McGuire and Mary clear the wheelbarrow of the gray stuff as Clare arranges it in the form. The benches, shrubs, and crepe myrtle are all in place for you to come and pray.

Many thanks to---

Vernard Jones and his clients from The Pines for coming to help with the yard work, then spending time in prayer;

Debbie Landford for assistance in the yard and in the library. She is a wiz on the John Deere, too;

Jean Haspeslagh for house sitting while Mary and I were at a Retreats International meeting. Sheila is especially grateful for her assistance in the library, too;

Neva McConnell for providing food for us for a weekend, and Shirley Butler for being the perfect hostess for a group. Thanks to all who have helped with the food service.

Mary Hannigan and friend on "Spruce Up Day"

"Spruce up" Day

Mary Hannigan and friend were among the many teens and adults from Starkville and Columbus that scrubbed, raked, transplanted, cut, and sawed- and laughed and prayed on March 8 as they came to "Spruce Up". Be assured of our thanks and our prayer. Ya'll are invited back to see the fruits of your labors.

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