June 1, 2004 Vol. 18, No. 2 [p. 2]

RCIA Participants Prepare for Easter

Our celebration of Holy Week and Easter began with St. Joseph, Starkville's R C I A Retreat Day on April 3. Sponsors and catechumens listen to Ray and Kathy West (not shown), R C I A coordinators at St. Joe. They prepare to be prayed with and anointed for the next stage of their journey.


We are making final preparations to receive payment through Visa and Mastercard starting in June. Keep posted!

When you register for a retreat, please let us know if you have any food allergies or if you are a vegetarian -- even if you have told us in the past, notify us each retreat, please!

You are invited ... to have a closer look

As you know, The Dwelling Place Community is dedicated to the ministry of The Dwelling Place. It evolved out of an Associate program- a group of dedicated men and women who shared the vision of the ministry by their active involvement.

Associates are persons who-

This is not limited to those in close proximity to The Dwelling Place; however, it is a call to share the mission.

Discover with the staff in what areas you feel called to assist-

Interested? We are having an overnight August 27-28. Let's explore together the Lord's call for you.

Clare's Corner

I bet you wonder what this church is doing in our newsletter. It is the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, Italy. I spent nearly 4 days there in March. It was an experience of deep religious significance for me. St. Francis' body lies in the crypt; we had Mass there one day and I prayed for all of you who are connected in any way with our ministry here.

No, I don't think Francis would approve of a three story church in his honor but it is so gorgeous. The walls in all the levels contain famous frescos by Cimabue and Giotto and others. It is hard to imagine such beauty still is intact over 800 years after Francis' death.

When in Assisi, I asked Francis' blessing on The Dwelling Place since his spirit permeates this place. The words that rang in my heart were those he uttered before he died, "I did what was mine to do, now you do yours." He was faithful to God's unique call to him; now we need to be obedient to our call, in whatever direction that leads us.

Our path right now seems to call us to enhance this facility so that we may better serve God's people. Sooo-- we have continued to meet with Dan Messerla from C D S Consultants to put our Capital Campaign together. We are forming our leadership team and preparing for a 'video shoot' here June 3rd. By the next newsletter, the preparations will definitely be taking shape.

Please do pray for us and with us in this undertaking. As I have said many times, we (you and the staff) share a combined ministry at The Dwelling Place to the seeker, the abused, grieving, and addicted. God has called this Dwelling Place into being and continues to faithfully sustain it and work in peoples' lives.

God just needs our efforts to make it a reality. We can share the physical things but we can never share the miracles that He does in peoples' lives. We just praise God for them and feel humbled by them knowing that it is God's work, we just show up and be obedient.

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