June 1, 2005 Vol. 19, No. 2 [p. 2]

Midwest Students Offer Service During Spring Break

Mount Marty students

The grounds resounded to marching feet and the sound of voices chanting "Hi-ho, Hi-ho,'tis off to work we go!"

No, it is not the latest version of Gregorian chant nor has The Dwelling Place been invaded by dwarves but rather we were experiencing the blessing of a group of enthusiastic young women from Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota. They spent their Spring Break helping here and at the Brooksville and Macon schools and Palmer Home in Columbus.

Everyone was enriched by their generous spirit, their deep faith, and sense of fun. Thanks, girls; please come back.

Wish List

I Come to You

I Come to You
I come to you...
I come to You, my God,
in the stillness of the morning,
in the center of my being,
to love You, to praise You,
just to be with You.
I come to you, my child,
to bring you many gifts--
gifts of forgiveness and peace,
of my great love for you,
of my gentle healing for you,
of just sharing quiet time with you.
We two are one, my God and I.
He is the stronger, the Lover,
the healer, the Wise one.
I kneel in awe of Him.

Molly Randall
(Molly is long-time friend, benefactor, and retreatant from Oakland, Mississippi. She shares her experience of Centering Prayer in the Labors of Love published by Noble House this spring.)

From the Kitchen

When you register for a retreat, please let us know if you have any food allergies or if you are a vegetarian -- even if you have told us in the past, notify us each retreat, please! Thanks.

Clare's Corner

So what's been happening with the Capital Campaign?

We are so grateful to you, our donors, as you continue to fulfill your pledges. Know that we pray for you and yours in our daily prayer. Thus far, we have $225,499 pledged and to date have received donations of $33,284 bringing our grand total to $258,783.00.

Our corporation committee has begun contacting various businesses in the area. We are also grateful for support from these corporations, either in donation of money or in-kind gifts specific to their business. We are also grateful to all our volunteers who have put themselves on the line for us.

We have had some very fruitful planning sessions with our architect, Belinda Stewart, and her associate, Stephanie Stewart (no relative, I understand). It is exciting to see our dreams take shape, even if only on blueprints.

Though our present finances do not support it, we hope to begin construction sometime in 2006. We trust that God will make a way since this building project is a real need for the continuance of His ministry and healing presence in this area.

Remember these old friends?

Sr. Alice Schaefer


The first week of May, Mary and I drove to Dubuque, Iowa to visit Sr. Marcie Gisch and Sr. Alice Schaefer.

(l to r) Clare, Sr. Marcie Gisch, Mary

Sr. Alice is still our faithful stamp collector amidst her volunteering at Holy Ghost School and working several hours in the kitchen each week. She has had two knee replacements and says she feels like she is 30 again!!

Pretty good for someone who is 78 (same age as Pope Benedict XVI!).

Sr. Marcie now lives in Holy Family Hall, the residence for those sisters needing more assistance. Her usual mode of corridor travel is a wheel chair, and she loves her room close to chapel. She had her 86th birthday this month and that ready smile and gentle demeanor are still her trademark.

In case you would like to write to them, their address is 3390 Windsor Avenue, Dubuque, Iowa 52001-1311

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