June 1, 2007 Vol. 21, No. 2 [p. 2]

John Van Lent

On March 2 Clare's brother, John Van Lent, personally met the Risen Christ. He and his wife, Gert, have been loyal supporters of our ministry for many years. In the months before his death, Jack had chosen hospice instead of aggressive treatment when his cancer returned.

February was rich with memories and preparations for his final journey. One of his wishes was that The Dwelling Place would receive any memorials given in his honor. We thank him and will continue to remember in our prayer him, his family, and all those who have generously given memorials.

Memorials for John Van Lent:

Morag Burgess
Mary Horrell
Mary Hogan
Dan and Jane Beshara
Vern and Patricia Berg
Frances Devor
Ronald and Virginia Krier
Nadine and Thomas Duffy
Marilyn and Kenneth Shockley
Casey and Lavonda Scholten
Madonna Hicks
Ronald and Rose Marie Olsen
Patricia and Donald Moser
Mary and Thomas Draney
Roger and Cecilia Anderson
Jim and Jeanne Cihak
Fred and Mary Goerke
Roger and Mary Kaye Sands
Richard and Florence Hogan
William and Mary Louise Osborne
Katherine Bourgeois
Carrin Devor
Leonard and Rebecca Hasselmann
David McFadden
Judy and Duane Leines
Georgia Hustrulid
Jim and Paula Ball
C.B. and Bea Norgaard
Fred and Ruth Williamsburg
Tony and Carol Renter
Hoi and Paula Nguyen
Barb Carda
Helen Cihak
Anna Colbert
Gertrude Hollenbeck
Denise Appleby
John and Shirley Bontje
Mary and DuWayne Krier
Todd and Julie Shockley
Mt. Marty College- Office of Student Affairs
Ed and Monica Rutten
Mary Krejci
Jerry and Carolyn Fray
Marjorie Knox
Monica Flowers
Bill and Betty Delay
Sheila and Wayne Cihak
Mac and Marilyn McDonald
Jim and Shirley VanderWoude
Margaret Hustrulid
Wayne and Sharon Akland
Mary Hasselmann
Bob and Sally Dolan
Katie Huerkamp
Linda Lawlor
Virginia Hopman
Barb Albers
Thomas and Mona Drake
Leonard and Mildred Hladik
Jean Von Eschen
Clare Van Lent
Gil Scholten, Jr.
W. D. and Loleta Haskins
Larry and Carolyn Watson
John and Glenda Huston
Beverly Cannady
Jean Mertz
Larry and Colleen Weiss
Eileen Van Lent
Shirley Butler
Clara Hicks
Sheila Avery

Other Memorials since March 2006

Mark Barge by Richard and Inez Barge
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Robert Cain, Jr. by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Mrs. Cilia Brown by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Mrs. Jane Wolfe by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Berke Shackleford by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. George Walker by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Miss Catherine Crocker by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Mr. Wilson Lutz by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Todd Potratz by Patty Potratz
In thanksgiving to God for good friends by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Rita Spyksma by Mary Hasselmann
Leonard Hasselmann by Linda Tarutis
Sr. Maggie Kosse by Alec and Kay Valentine
Robert Winston Tubb by Mr. and Mrs. Hank Jolly
Berry Strait by Sr. Pat Clemens
Sr. Maggie Kosse by Mr. and Mrs. John King
Tommy Parchment by Aero English
Kenny Parchment by Aero English
Billie English by Bruce and Carolyn Pierce
Olivia Jackson by Mary Ann Dee
Al Sikora by Mary Ann Dee
Ann Tait by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Susie Burns by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
Mary Ann Anderson by Mary Ann Dee
Paul Cowan by Mary Ann Dee
Toni Maloney by Mary Ann Dee
Toni Maloney by Morag Burgess
Toni Maloney by her son.

Gifts in Honor of

RoAnn Powlett by Randy Belton
Mary Horrell by Cliff Harp
Randy Belton by Merlin Ford
Eugenia Summer by Barbara Smith
Clare Van Lent and Morag Burgess by Alec and Kay Valentine
Mack and Kathie Howard's family by Kathie and Mack Howard
May Lipe Mintz by Anna Furr
Sr. Canisia Clemen by Sr. Pat Clemen (Sr. Canisia's 70th Jubilee)
20th Anniversary of DP by George and Kathleen Roman
20th Anniversary of DP by Bishop Houck


We can now accept stocks through an account set up with Financial Concepts in Columbus, Mississippi. If interested, contact The Dwelling Place for more information.


Have you considered a bequest to The Dwelling Place? A few of our donors have remembered our retreat center in their wills. If you are considering this, you can do it very easily by including one of the following legal phrases in your will or trust.

"I give, devise, or bequeath to The Dwelling Place, 2824 Dwelling Place Road, Brooksville, Mississippi 39739 for its general purposes all (or state fraction or percentage) of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real or personal." or

"I give and bequeath the sum of $_______dollars to be used for the general purposes of The Dwelling Place, 2824 Dwelling Place Road., Brooksville, Mississippi 39739."

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