June 1, 2011 Vol. 25, No. 2 [p. 2]

Round and About

With the Mississippi Highway Department planning to 4-lane Highway 45 near us, we are faced with the task of putting up new signs to direct people here. Our present sign is showing wear and is now, or will be, on the median!

We will need two signs eventually, but for now, our immediate task is to finish one for the north bound lanes. We have gratefully received donations for that sign. We had hoped we could erect the sign on Mississippi state farm property, but that is not allowed so we are checking with a farmer a little further from the corner.


October 8, 2011

St. Joseph Church, Starkville, Mississippi

Bring your family for a day of fun and food.

Mark your Calendars for September 10, 2011

25 years

For 25 years God has worked miracles at The Dwelling Place- in peoples' lives and in sustaining the very existence of this ministry.

Join us on September 10th to celebrate the first 25 years. Bishop Latino and Bishop William Houck will celebrate Mass at 11:00 a.m., and dinner will be served under the tent at 1:00.

Memorials List

Friends of the Dwelling Place make donations in memory of a deceased family member or friend or in honor of a friend at the time of an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion.

We remember your loved ones in community prayer, masses, and good works of the Dwelling Place (this does not include names from our Brick Fundraiser).


Betty Betz by Carlyle & Richard Wolfe
Joe Reznicek by Mary Ann Dee
Judy Childers by Mary Ann Dee
Sue Millender by Mr. & Mrs. Billy Nesbit
Sue Millender by Karen Ketler
Sue Millender by her family
Sr. Maggie by Anne Blazejak
Ronald Krier by Virginia Krier
Ronald Krier by Martin & Bonnie Simon
Nancy Kolb by Mary Ann Dee
Jean Kelley by Marmion Walsh
Jean Mertz by Jean Esswein
Jean Mertz by Richard & Gloria Stennet
Jean Mertz by Leornard & Carolyn King
Jean Mertz by Gilbert & Diane Beeson
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Cain, Jr. by Richard & Carlyle Wolfe
Mrs. Cilia Brown by Richard & Carlyle Wolfe
Mrs. Jane Wolfe by Richard & Carlyle Wolfe
Mr. & Mrs. Berke Shackleford by Richard & Carlyle Wolfe
Mr. & Mrs. George Walker by Richard & Carlyle Wolfe
Miss Catherine Crocker by Richard & Carlyle Wolfe
Mr. Wilson Lutz by Richard & Carlyle Wolfe
CJ Casey by Gert Van Lent
Marilyn Horrell by her family
Jack Murrell by Morag Burgess Sell
George Mohr by Todd & Julie Shockley
Mark Barge by Richard & Inez Barge
Duwayne Krier by Ronald & Mary Krier
Barbara Church by her family
Joan Harp by Cliff Harp
Cyndy McGuire’s Mom by Mary Ann Dee
Al Wyman's father by Mary Ann Dee
Cyndy McGuire’s mom by Clare Van Lent & Mary Horrell
Al Wyman's father by Clare Van Lent & Mary Horrell
Cyndy’s mom by Angela Dee
Al’s dad by Angela Dee
Gale Ammerman by Angela Dee
Fr. John’s father by Angela Dee
Fr. John’s father by Angela Dee
Fr. John’s father by Mary Ann Dee
Fr. John’s grandmother by Angela Dee
Al Wyman’s father by Mary Ann Dee
Robert Hugh Kirsey by Mary Ann Dee
Raymond Orgler by Angela Dee
Katherine & Toliver Lipsey by Angela Dee


Karen Ketler by Sue Millender
Gert Van Lent by Mary Hasselmann
Becky Hasselmann by Gert Van Lent
Clara Hicks by Eugenia Summer
Clara Hicks by Jenny Mahoney
Clara Hicks by Karen Henry
Clara Hicks by JoAnn Walk Ferguson
Clara Hicks by Elaine Evans
Clara Hicks by Carl & Karen Doumit
Marvin Peyton by Rhonda Rodriguez
Morag Burgess-Sell by Linda Breazeale
Friends of Eulalie & John Davis
Jimmy & JoAnn Graham by GT Radiology Clinic
Rwth Ashton by Sandra & Kenneth Perry
Friends of Betty Daughty
Friends & Family of Todd & Julie Shockley
Gert Van Lent by Tom & Lois Van Lent
Children of Gert Van Lent by Gert Van Lent
Mary Hooper by Central United Methodist Church
Rwth Ashton by Lisa M. Womack
In Thanksgiving for our friends by Richard & Carlyle Wolfe
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