June 1, 1999 Vol. 13, No. 2 [p. 2]

$200,000 by 2000 UPDATE

Thank you! Thank You! Together we are heading for our goal! At first it sounded far too ambitious but I think it may be possible and we'll enjoy the effort:

$100,000 in hours pledged at $10.00 per hour
and $100,000 in cash.

Thus far:

Though nearly 5 months have gone, I invite you to assist us with donated hours. You know, from being here, that it takes many "sweat hours" to keep everything trimmed, mowed, seeded, weeded, and fertilized! To say nothing of painted, repaired, and sealed. Come help us if you have a free Saturday. Maggie could use some help in the kitchen and Morag needs help 'carding' the books in the library.

The dirt work and drive way to San Damiano are complete and, as this goes to press, the east porch and the west deck are being built. These projects, besides our efforts at retiring the loan and meeting operating expenses keep us fine tuning our finances. $10,000 is needed immediately. No little goal, would you say?

Thanks so much for your support!

Listen up!  


Come to "FRIENDS" DAY,

OCTOBER 30, 1999

at The Dwelling Place

We invite you, our friends, to bring a friend for a day of sharing our programs and campus.

We, in turn, would like to meet your friends and share with them what you have come to experience here.

Mark your calendars.

Wait for more information.

Round 'n About

Mary Horrell is our first Dwelling Place Franciscan to take up residence with Clare and Sr. Maggie at The Dwelling Place. We welcome her eagerly and look forward to her joining our Dwelling Place staff.

Starting April 19 we have a new area code: 662
This will replace the original 601. So our new number is 662-738-5348. We will still answer to 601 until May of 2000.

In case you have been confused when you come up Brooksville's maze of roads and detour signs on your way here, the end may not be in sight. When you come from the south or have been lost coming from any direction, watch for the flashing red lights and turn left on the Second one (Highway 45). Our road is just a mile north. Maybe by summer's end the puzzle will be solved! But rest easy- we're sending out detailed directions with each registration!

The main trailer's roof has received a new coat of sealant-- a major concern since we had done some painting, carpeting, and other repairs inside. Didn't want it to 'Rain on our Renovations!'

Mikki Gregory (seated center) is joined by U of Dallas students and our staff

U of Dallas Students Gift Mississippi

Shown [right] visiting Mikki Gregory, a shut-in in Macon, are seven young adults from the University of Dallas and The Dwelling Place staff. From March 7-13 these students spent their spring break assisting us, our widowed neighbors, and young children in Macon.

They joined our community for prayer, meals and lots of hard work, always cheerful and full of faith. Major players in the whole adventure were Mary Horrell and Jack and Maria Zimmerman from Cookeville, Tennessee. Jack manned the chain saw in clearing the wounds caused by our winter ice storm, and Maria assisted Maggie on the cooking detail. Mary? She led them with a pressure hose in cleaning the vinyl siding. Oh, that mildew!

The event is a faith builder for us all. No task was too great or little. Their joy was infectious- and their energy boundless! Thanks, everyone!

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