September 1, 2005 Vol. 19, No. 3 [p. 2]

Roof Repairs

Roof Repair Funded Through
Catholic Foundation of Jackson

August 1 The Dwelling Place received a $2000 grant from the Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Jackson for roof repair on the dining room. $1150 was awarded from the Catherine Goetz Gill Trust and $850 from the Foundations General Purposes Trust. We are so grateful for the support of the Foundation for our ministry here.

No, this is not our rooftop swimming pool [photo at the right]! This is Mary's latest attempt to keep the kitchen/dining room roof from leaking and the ceiling dry. Tarps anchored by bricks placed end on end is very effective though it may not be aesthetically pleasing. This is just one example of WHY we need a better facility. We are grateful to the foundation for their grant.

Many Thanks to . . .

Clare's Corner

So what's been happening with the Capital Campaign?

We are so grateful to you, our donors, as you continue to fulfill your pledges. Know that we pray for you and yours in our daily prayer. Thus far we have $225,499 pledged and to date have received donations of $36,934 bringing our grand total to $262,433.00.

Our corporation committee has contacted over 40 businesses in the area. We are grateful to those corporations who either gave us a donation or offered in-kind gifts specific to their business.

We heard from most of the corporations that the climate for profit is not good these days and, therefore, were unable to assist us. We pray that their businesses prosper. We pray, also, that they see what God is doing through The Dwelling Place and will want to be involved.

We are also grateful to all our volunteers who have put themselves on the line for us. We pray that all of you who have been contacted either in person or through a letter about our need and dream for a new administration-kitchen/dining building will consider how you might be part of the ongoing and future ministry here. God is so present and active. He needs all our hands.

We were hoping that our new building would go up before we would need to repair the roof on the old trailer/lean-to. Plastic tarps and bricks are somewhat effective. We try to be good stewards of the property God has provided for us. The trailer is over 40 years old and though we continue to keep it in repair, we are always aware of its fragility.

Our new building is a necessity, not a luxury. We are grateful to the Catholic Foundation for assisting us in part of the cost of the roof repair.

Grant Writing

Morag has written several grants to supplement our income for operating expenses and the building fund but to date, most have been denied. To hone her grant writing skills, she has taken a course on-line through M U W titled "Grant Writing A to Z".


Since our building fund will need additional funding from philanthropic foundations, this course gives new impetus to her efforts. It has provided her with valuable insights and a sense of confidence in her understanding of grant writing procedure.

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