August 20, 2007 Vol. 21, No. 3 [p. 2]

How You Can Help Us ---

The mission of The Dwelling Place is to provide an environment that is conducive to silence, solitude, and prayer. This enables retreatants to experience movement toward a deeper awareness of self, creation, and the Holy.

We so appreciate the support that you give us in so many ways through your own creativity and the movement of the Holy Spirit as you can see below as we say -


Sr. Janet Kreber (left) and Clare.

Clare's Corner

The National Catholic Reporter on April 27th carried a very sobering article about retreat centers in the United States and Canada. The article states, "Catholic retreat house directors around the country report shrinking numbers at their facilities as a result of Americans' busy lives and new competition from Catholic parishes offering their own brand of spiritual sustenance."

"The sands of the retreat market are shifting," said Anne Luther, executive director of Retreats International. She noted that there is a trend to smaller bed-and-breakfast retreat centers. (That's us, folks!) "Much of this growth comes from the Protestant denominations as they move more toward spirituality and Catholics show a greater interest in scripture."

Though this is a very brief synopsis of the article, it is borne out in our experience. We have experienced a decline in attendance but we have always had many Protestant retreatants and our little hermitage (bed-and-breakfast) setting is serving us and our retreatants well.

We are continually encouraged by remembering our initial foundation. I received a call of the Lord to come to this spot and develop The Dwelling Place. God has always been faithful. It is God's ministry here. God has also called our staff here. We try only to be faithful, give totally of ourselves, always seeking God's will in each situation.

As this newsletter exemplifies we have much support from our many friends and benefactors. We are profoundly grateful as you have joined us in this call. But it is always a walk in faith to live entirely on donations.

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A special thank you is due to the Knights of Columbus from St. Joes in Starkville for the fund raising project they undertook on our behalf. July 1 they presented us with a cheque for $2,050 - the proceeds from raffling off a gas grill to support the ministry of The Dwelling Place. The winner was a long time friend and supporter, Gary McFadyen.


Consider bringing your prayer group, R C I A team, or a group of faith-filled friends to experience the peace and renewal that so many individuals experience here.

Bring your own director or know that a staff director is available. Tailor the time to fit your need for silence, sharing, prayer, and input.

Check our web site for options available. Contact Morag Burgess, retreat ministry director, for information.

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