September 1, 2000 Vol. 14, No. 3 [p. 2]


Friends of The Dwelling Place make donations in honor of a friend at the time of an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion or in memory of a deceased family member or friend.

We remember your loved ones in Community prayer, Masses, and good works of The Dwelling Place. The moneys are placed in our endowment fund. From August, 1999 to July, 2000:


Eugenia Summer by Dr. & Mrs. Frank Baird
Josephine Watson by Dr. & Mrs. Frank Baird
Mary Francis Boggess by Dr. & Mrs. Frank Baird
Francis Baird, Jr. by Dr. & Mrs. Frank Baird
Rev. and Mrs. Barry Cotter by Becky Adams
Christi Quinn by Peg Walvendorff
John Dee by Angela Lowrey


Charles Dimisco by Amelia Dimisco
Madelaine Hill by Betty Daugherty
Edna Leroux by Jean Riesterer
Delores and W. A. Dunaway by Donette Lee
Mother of Christi Quinn by Christi Quinn
Mary O'Gorman by Angela Lowrey

Memorials For "Maggie's Kitchen"

We thank each of you who have sent memorials in Maggie's honor. This includes all who have contributed from May 18 to August 8, 2000. Memorials are still being accepted.

Judy Cox Andrews
Mary Binder
Linda Birdsong
Anne Blazejak
Bob & Alice Chapius
Dr. Ann Homer Cook
Marcus and Fern Diener
Billie English
Anna Furr
Mack & Diane Howard
Marilyn Jacobs
Dr. Norma Jones
Nancy McGhee
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Messlein
Kathleen Naughton
Laura Phillips

Connie Phillips
Lucie Piekos
Barbara Pittman
Linda Polk
Judy Robinson
Jim & Teresa Salmon
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Scholten
Donna Schwartz
Beverly Seemen
Todd & Julie Shockley
Marty & Bonnie Simon
Sisters of St. Agnes
Susan Smith
Celia Stevens
Sr. Clara Streng
Mary Voss
Anne Weisner
Jack, Maria & Angela Zimmerman

Sr. Maggie continues to be with us through your love and in the many memories we share.

She is now producing much fruit in eternity for The Dwelling Place- as she did during her 13 years here. We're counting on her love to continue to intercede for us- for our ministry, our retreatants- and our food service personnel!

Memorial Garden in honor of Paul Horrell

Mary Horrell   Marilyn Horrell
Delores Horrell   Colleen Horrell

The shell of our new carport

--And a New Carport in the Making

As the number of our staff vehicles increases, so does our need to provide a safe place for them. Cars, trucks, even our lawn tractor have protection from the rain. This carport is located by the new staff house. (Now if we only had rain!)

Ministry to the Abused

Just a reminder to everyone that we have a grant from the Sisters of St. Agnes, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to subsidize any abused who desire to deal with their pain.

Often financial resources are not available for those dealing with abuse, either in a shelter or as they try to regain their life after living in an abusive situation.

We extend a special invitation to anyone who is/has been in counseling and is ready to let God in to heal the wounds of violence, abandonment, and abuse.

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