September 1, 2003 Vol. 17, No. 3 [p. 2]

Feasibility Study Concludes

Our part in the feasibility study is concluded. As I write this, we are looking forward to a meeting on Tuesday, August 26 with Dan Messeria from C D S Consultants for a review. We plan to share with you a synthesis of the study, also.
See page 3 of our online newsletter for a summary of the results.

"Hope is the ability to hear
the melody of the future.

Faith is the courage to
dance to it today"

We say "THANK YOU" to all who participated in any way. We thank you for being interviewed, for attending the various meetings, and/or filling out the surveys. We want to thank especially all those who made phone calls for us inviting you to the meeting and/or interview.

While we as a staff were in the midst of organizing and implementing the study, our ministry continued in full force. During July, 80 people came to this little place for retreat. Tongue in cheek we said, "Juana, our housekeeper, is still with us. Bobby, our yard man, is still with us, but WE are hanging on by a thread!! (and tempted to look for a new job!).

I personally want to acknowledge Dr. Jean Haspeslagh for her input at the meetings and for the countless hours Sheila and Mary, our staff, put into the process.

We eagerly anticipate the findings. Our need for a more adequate facility is undeniable. Our vision for being of service to the larger community is also always before us. This Dwelling Place was created by and is sustained by God's grace. This ministry is the Lord's; we are His willing workers. We are so grateful for your participation in this ministry in the past and desire to walk with you as we move into the future.


(l to r) Martha Williams, Sr. Angela Linn, Director, Sr. Marie Barth, Sr. Mamerta Alphonce, Marie Kelley, Sheri Gorman, Sr. Dorothy Ousler, and Jennifer Thompkins.

Pax Christi Franciscans

Pax Christi Franciscans pose for a photo during their recent retreat here in July. Fr. Greg Plata, O F M , directed the 4 day retreat.

Beauty Beyond Compare

Participants in the Spirituality in Beauty retreat in early July [photo at the right] pose before some of their artwork. The retreat proved to be such a significant experience for everyone that a repeat performance will be offered next summer. Don't miss it!!

Many Thanks to ---

" ... Only the Shadow Knows"

In the middle of July, Juana Rodriguez, our housekeeper, found a black female puppy on the side of the road in a box. She brought this approximately 6 week lab-mix to work and-- you must know the rest.

She had mange and worms but-- St. Francis would be proud of us-- we nursed her back to health. You guessed it-- we named her Shadow. She shadows us and Prince without pause.

Prince was her protector from the moment he saw her and is so patient with her-- except when she nips at his heels! She is a joy to everyone.

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