September 1, 2004 Vol. 18, No. 3 [p. 2]


Friends of The Dwelling Place make a donation IN HONOR OF a friend at the time of an anniversary, birthday or special occasion or IN MEMORY of a deceased family member or friend. We invite you to mark an occasion or to remember your loved ones in this way.

We remember your loved ones in Community prayer, Masses and good works of The Dwelling Place. This list includes those received from December, 2003 to the present.

In Memory of

Mrs. Eva Jane Wolfe by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfe
Mrs. Cilia Brown by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfe
Mrs. Pauline Shackleford by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfe
Mr. Kirk Morley by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfe
Mr. & Mrs. George Walker by Mr.& Mrs. Richard Wolfe
Miss Catherine Crocker by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfe
Mr. & Mrs. S. Robert Cain, Jr. by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfe
Mrs. Joy Gibson by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfe
Mr. Fred Plummer by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfe
Mr. George Shackleford by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfe
Mr. Delbert Kilborn by Jack and Gert Van Lent
Mr. Andy Gisch by Sr. Marcie Gisch
Ms. Adena Pack by Marty Prewitt
Mr. Albert C. Windham by Jean Mertz
Ms. Joy Colquhoun by Jean Mertz
Mr. Jim Kolb by Mary Ann Dee
Mr. Whitney Tarutis by Marjorie Knox
Mr. Whitney Tarutis by Mary Hasselman
Mrs. Anne Weber by Jack and Gert Van Lent
Mrs. Helen Turnage by Jean Mertz
Sue and Frank Hill by Kathleen Naughton

In Memory of Billie English June 2, 1931-July 12, 2004 by:

Ray Sims, Sr.
Mrs. Morag Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Duff, Sr.
Mr. Michael Malski
Ms. Linda Durrett Reich
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Francis
Amory Meals on Wheels Board
The Frank Durrett family
Jimmy and Billie Blair
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Hollis
Ms. Rebecca McCullen
Mr. Louis Rowles
Evelyn and Dick Millender
Dr. & Mrs. Travis Pierce
Harry and Lisa Donovan
The Longnecker Foundation
Larry and Deborah Palmer
David & Pam Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. James Prude

Clare's Corner

Get out your magnifying glass and study the floor plans of our dream administration/dining building that Bill Rosamund has drawn up for us. It is the vision that we hold before us to encourage us as we begin our capital campaign.

I would like to introduce our leadership team to you:

Campaign Chair: Clare Van Lent
Administrator: Sheila Avery
Chair of Promotional materials: Morag Burgess
Advance Gifts Coordinator: Karen Henry
In-home Small Group Coordinator: Robbie Richardson
Video coordinator: Mary Horrell
Coordinator of Corporate Giving: Rhonda Ferguson

Though the task is great, it is a delight to work with this group and with Dan Messerla from C D S Consultants.

We now have the video shoot behind us and are eager to view the finished product. We are so grateful to all who gave testimonials on our behalf. The brochure has been created and refined; it is beautiful. All the printed materials have been created and are now waiting to be printed.

We have had numerous meetings organizing our in-home gatherings and individual contacts and are very grateful to all of you who volunteered to host the gatherings. Now Dan tells us September is the training time for you--and us! Then the campaign will come to the wider Community in October and November.

Join us as we keep this campaign in prayer. It is God's Dwelling Place, and in God's name we proceed in peace.

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