September 1, 2010 Vol. 24, No. 3 [p. 2]

(l to r) Sr. Margie, Clare, and Sr. Janet Kreber

July -- Come Jam With Janet

It was July and time for Sr. Janet Kreber to come south to help make jam. With the help of Sr. Margie and Clare over 100 jars of Dwelling Place peach, plum, and (strawberry) fig jam were made--even a few jars of apple butter. They are on sale in our gift shop. Since the peach tree bore few peaches this year and the fig bush is aging, there may be fewer jars put up next summer; however, the pecans look great!

Diana Bridges

God's blessings, Diana

Diana Bridges, Dwelling Place Associate, long time friend, retreatant, advisory board member, and volunteer has moved from her home in Starkville to San Antonio, Texas. Diana made her first retreat here over 17 years ago. Since that time each year she has organized the Baptist Women's Annual Advent retreat the first weekend of December.

Diana made herself available when a volunteer was needed for newsletter preparations, raking, cooking, or whatever we might ask. We will miss you. Our loss is San Antonio's gain. May you know God's peace.

Round and About

Isabella Dee and Mary

Never a dull moment!

'Chewing' the stumps

We were reminded that we live in the country when our mower, Trey Unruh, ran down to ask us whether we had a gun. He came upon a rattle snake coiled to strike as he mowed near the fence line. Never a dull moment! Trey told us this area is not usually home for rattlers. Yah, sure!

Have you visited our website? Take the virtual tour. We are encouraged that the majority of our registrations come through the website. We're also pleased to announce that The Dwelling Place is now on Facebook Facebook logo and Twitter Twitter logo; links to both sites are available at the bottom of our web pages.

Our volunteers come in all ages. The photo at the left shows Isabella Dee helping Mary clean the crud off the bridge. She helped Mary do lots of tasks that day that were just waiting to be done. Thanks, Isabella.

Speaking of volunteers, Joe Haftek came out recently and cut down seven dead trees for us. We had the fun of hauling all the trunks and branches away!! Thanks, Joe.

Two years ago when we erected Assisi Center, our administration building, we had a logger cut down some trees. Then when we lost four on the lane when the old trailer went, we cut down a few more to make a load. Well, the stumps from all the trees (approximately 200!) have been decorating our property since that time.

Since it is costly to have that many chewed out, we had postponed it. Recently a generous donor, Mary Voss from Eldora, Iowa, gave us stock and the process of chewing out the stumps began!

Addendum: No-Show Ball

Our 2010 'No Show Ball' fundraiser announcement arrived after this newsletter was released. We thought we'd share it with you in the hopes that you'd like to participate in this year's 'non-event.'

No-Show Ball

Annual Appeal 2009: $9,790

Went toward partial payment of deck and porches of Assisi Administration Building: $12,800

Annual Appeal 2010:

Your gift would help us meet the cost of:
Remodeling the old Kitchen/Dining Room.
Landscaping and completion of Assisi Administration Building.
Removal of 190 trees and stumps.

A bit of news we have today-
A No-Show Ball is on its way!

It's a night dedicated to The Dwelling Place.
But there's nowhere to go to show your face.

Make no mistake, this is our annual appeal
Just dressed up and fancy with a fun new feel.

The time and place, there's no need to say
'Cause no one would be there anyway!

Don't take the time to get all dolled-up...
No fancy clothes, there's no need to show up.

The catering crew is on holiday at the Hyatt,
So the snacks we don't serve won't hinder your diet!

Our non-entertainers are sure to please-
A little Beatles and Bach and maybe some Bee Gees!

The best part of all? There's no clean-up committee!
We all love a party without the nitty-gritty!

But here's the kicker: it's a No-Show Event.
So you won't do something you would have to repent!

DANCING WITH THE STARS- You don't have to be one
You can just be yourself and join in the fun!

The ticket price is flexible, so give what you can
Just mail a donation and we'll know you're a fan.

If a tax deduction is on your mind,
Then this type of party is just your kind!!!

We all love The Dwelling Place, it's the best in the land,
So let's get together and give them a hand.

Sponsored by friends of The Dwelling Place

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