September 1, 2013 Vol. 27, No. 3 [p. 2]

Position vacancy: Executive Director for The Dwelling Place

The Dwelling Place is a small Franciscan retreat/prayer center in rural Mississippi. The Dwelling Place offers both hospitality and prayer opportunities through private or directed retreats, spiritual counseling, and weekend retreat experiences on various topics.

Persons interested in applying for the Executive Director position should e-mail Mary Horrell at or telephone 662.738.5348.

Annual Appeal 2012

Went toward partial payment of new siding,
insulation, heating/air-conditioning system, roof
and windows in the Kitchen/Dining Room

Annual Appeal 2013

Your gift will help us meet the cost of:
Remodeling the interior of the Kitchen/Dining Room;
Insulation and new siding for the Chapel/Library.

But here's the kicker: it's a No-Show Event.
So you won't do something you would have to repent!

Our up to date website allows you to send
Your donation through PayPal our new best friend!

Check out our place at
for a button to press that will send it right on.

The ticket price is flexible, so give what you can
Just mail a donation and we'll know you're a fan.

If a tax deduction is on your mind
Then this type of party is just your kind!!!

We all love The Dwelling Place, it's the best in the land,
So let's get together and give them a hand.

Sponsored by friends of The Dwelling Place

A bit of news we have today-
A No-Show Ball is on its way!

It's a night dedicated to The Dwelling Place.
But there's nowhere to go to show your face.

Make no mistake, this is our annual appeal
Just dressed up and fancy with a fun new feel.

The time and place, there's no need to say
'Cause no one would be there anyway!

Don't take the time to get all dolled-up...
No fancy clothes, there's no need to show up.

The catering crew is on holiday at the Hyatt,
So the snacks we don't serve won't hinder your diet!

Our non-entertainers are sure to please-
A little Beatles and Bach and maybe some Bee Gees!

The best part of all? There's no clean-up committee!
We all love a party without the nitty-gritty!

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