September 1, 1999 Vol. 13, No. 3 [p. 2]

$200,000 by 2000 UPDATE

We have reached the half way mark in 1999 for our goal of:

$100,000 in hours pledged at $10.00 per hour
and $100,000 in cash.

Thus far we have received:

$10,000 in volunteer hours
$55,200 in cash.

In volunteer hours it seems we are far from our goal, but we rejoice in over 1000 hours of hard work you have done for this little corner of God's kingdom! At half day or day at a time, it takes a long time to log 1000 hours! Thanks, all of you!

For the cash donations, we are also most grateful. For the ordinary operating expenses which include insurance, taxes, and salaries, besides maintenance and myriads of etc., etc., etc. (like the King of Siam!!). It is through you that we are able to meet our obligations. God's blessings to you!

Listen up!

Come to "FRIENDS" DAY,

OCTOBER 30, 1999

We invite you, our friends, to bring a friend for a day of sharing our programs and campus.

Day begins at 10:00 a.m.

Learn first-hand about:

The Dwelling Place ministry and history
Directed retreats/hermitages
Spiritual direction/library
Various programs

Meet The Dwelling Place Franciscans

Light Lunch 11:30-1:00
Conclude with Prayer service
RSVP by October 22
Mark your calendars. No charge for the day.


Friends of The Dwelling Place make donations in honor of a friend at the time of an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion or in memory of a deceased member or friend.

We remember your loved ones in Community prayer, Masses, and good works of The Dwelling Place. The moneys are placed in our endowment fund.

From Feb 1997 to July 1999


Eugenia Summer by William Smith
Joseph McGlawn by Angela Dee Lowrey
Connie Gibson by Angela Dee Lowrey
Mary Hasselman by Mary Child
Eugenia Summer by Barbara Smith
Mary Horrell by Mary McCormick
Pam Pybas by Colleen and Philip Kolb
Pam Pybas by Mildred Rhea
Jay by Marianne Dee


Tony Barry by Doris Bradley
Tony Barry by Sr. Marcie Gisch
Dale Hicks by Virginia and Ron Krier
Ray Neuroth by Sr. Marcie Gisch
Ray Neuroth by Jennie Neuroth
Brandon Brown by Diane Howard
Mrs. C. G. Campbell by Diane Howard
"Red" Manderson by Diane Howard
Doug Stone by Diane Howard
Floyd Fields by Diane Howard
Dale Hicks by Madonna Hicks
Mary Armstrong by Mary Ann Dee
Luella Mersch by Sr. Marcie Gisch
Son of Sharon Permenter by Angela Dee Lowrey
Caroline Myers by Jean Riesterer
Opal Koury by Diane Howard
Laverne Estes by Angela Dee Lowrey
Mike O'Connor by Mary Ann Dee
Father of Virginia Krier by Virginia Krier
Martin Simon by Cynthia Mielke
Fannie Kisner by Billie and Bill Heath
Alex Stoffel by Sr. Joan Stoffel
Paul Horrell by Angela Dee Lowrey
Shannon's Grandmother by Angela Dee Lowrey
Joe Kinnan's father by Jean Haspeslagh
Paul Horrell by Jean Haspeslagh
Paul Horrell by Mary Ann Dee
Father Elrich by Edward & Donna Becht
Mr. Emge by Mary Ann Dee
Paul Horrell by Colleen Horrell
Tom O'Connor by Mary Ann Dee
Carol Smith by Lois Roynon
Agnes Wyman by Angela Dee Lowrey
Viva Johnson by Angela Dee Lowrey
Agnes Wyman by Mary Ann Dee
Viva Johnson by Mary Ann Dee
Bea O'Brien by Mary Ann Dee

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