December 1, 2000 Vol. 14, No. 4 [p. 2]


The Dwelling Place Community

For the past five and with greater intensity during the past two years, we have been working with Bishop Houck and the canon lawyers of the Diocese of Jackson to carve out and approve a WAY OF LIFE for The Dwelling Place Community. This lay community is seeking recognition and approval by the Church as a Private Association of the Faithful.

In 1990 this group of dedicated men and women serious about their own spiritual growth and desiring to share the mission and ministry of The Dwelling Place became known as The Dwelling Place Associates.

In 1995 there was both a call to deeper community plus an awakening to The Community's responsibility to the ministry here. By 1998 The Dwelling Place Community had evolved from the Associates and took complete responsibility for the ministry of The Dwelling Place.

It is our Advent hope and dream that during December The Dwelling Place Community will receive official approval and our WAY OF LIFE accepted.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about this community, please give us a call or, better yet, Come and See on January 12-14.

(l to r) Mary, Clare, Jack and Maria Zimmerman


Defending the Union (?), the Confederacy (?), or our hilltop home is serious business, and we will go to any lengths to achieve our ends! Stand back!! :)

No, we don't work all the time but thought you would all enjoy this picture of Clare, Mary, Jack and Maria Zimmerman at their Tennessee mountaintop cabin. Jack helps us each year when the University of Dallas students come during spring break.

Annual Appeal and Our New Computers

We are so encouraged by your generous response to our Annual Appeal which began three weeks ago. We pray that you continue in your generosity.

Our new computers, Apple G 4 s , after a rocky start, are performing well. We have hardly tapped their capabilities; each day brings new surprises and challenges. You computer operators understand!

Karen McFadyen (center) and St. Joseph, Starkville volunteers

Pine Straw, Pine Straw, and More Pine Straw !!

Tony Torres

Karen McFadyen saw our plight again this year and organized a group of St. Joseph, Starkville, teenagers and parents to come rake- what else- pine straw on October 21. They generously and joyfully raked, hauled, and placed the straw around trees and landscaping. Anybody need raking done? Just call on this crew!!

Tony Torres gathers one of several loads of pine needles as he and a group of Knights of Columbus and their wives from Annunciation Catholic Church in Columbus came out for a clean-up day on November 4. They made fast work of cutting down trees and raking. Thanks, everyone!

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