December 1, 2006 Vol. 20, No. 4 [p. 2]

Some of the Knights of Columbus from Annunciation returning the glider to its site by the pond after it had a thorough scrubbing to remove years of "green".

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Dwelling Place Community and Associates

Community and Associates gathered for retreat in September.

We shared our journeys, both spiritual and temporal, around a video study by Ronald Rolheiser (Oh yes, we celebrated as well).

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Clare's Corner

As I write this column, November is less than half over, and we are focused on preparing a quiet celebration for the Twentieth Anniversary of the Dwelling Place. Twenty years ago, January 2, 1987, Sr. Maggie Kosse and I arrived here, the site of a former Trappist monastery. We knew no one, nor they us nor what we were about.

The 17 acres that was to be called The Dwelling Place was principally a bull pasture upon which sat two old trailers and a lovely chapel amidst a clump of aging loblollies and a few pecan saplings. The only light that guided us was the Lord's unmistakeable call to come to this spot in Mississippi, and call it The Dwelling Place.

As I reflect these past twenty years, I am overwhelmed by God's faithfulness manifest through the treasure of so many friends and supporters who have believed in this call here, also. The task was/is an impossible one, using every bit of strength we can muster and trusting totally on the generosity of faithfilled people for its continued existence.

Over the years God has worked countless miracles in the lives of those who have come here for prayer and solitude. We can never proclaim those marvels but we can shout to the housetops celebrating the miraculous development of the site into the place of beauty that it is today. Three hermitages, a guest house and staff house, countless trees, and stations of the cross are all gifts of donors which make this oasis of prayer possible.

For our competent staff to function efficiently, the next part of our development becomes more imperative. The old trailer which still serves as the administrative/dining facility is badly in need of replacement. Many of you have responded to our pleas in our capital campaign. Though a significant step forward, the cost far exceeds the amount raised. Since summer we have redoubled our efforts at fund raising through seeking grants from foundations.

Pray that they respond to our requests.

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Even as we celebrate God's faithfulness to us during these past 20 years, we are constantly challenged to live a ruthless trust in God's design for this ministry. Each day is a faith walk, aware that God uses weak, yet willing followers to do the work of the Kingdom.

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