December 1, 2009 Vol. 23, No. 4 [p. 2]

(left) Mary Ethridge and Christina Jurisik

Our First Annual Oktober Fest was great fun! Though it rained daily all the previous week and all the outdoor activities had to be planned for inside, the sun arrived just in time for dinner and brought many to enjoy the day.

The parishioners of St. Joseph Parish, Starkville, our hosts for the site, were so gracious. Pictured (left) before the Unique Treasures booth are Mary Ethridge from Meridian and Christina Jurisik from Starkville, our bona fide German beauty in her dirndl.

The Sweet Shoppe

The Sweet Shoppe was a real hit and a busy place most of the afternoon. Cindy Huerkamp from Macon chaired this booth which contained German and American pastries.

(left) Carla Bohna and Anne Marie Johnson

Lunches of brats, pretzels, and drinks were a treat for everyone. The Knights of Columbus from St. Joe grilled the brats as well as assisting in so many ways.

Childrens' games were great fun even though they were moved indoors. The photo at the left shows Carla Bohna giving Anne Marie Johnson, both from Starkville, a facial touchup.

We thank all who helped make the day special. We continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity of so many friends.

Clare, Mary, and friends

The Surrey with (no) fringe on top

Our latest mode of transportation-- for humans and four-legged friends! Count heads from left to right: Clare, Shadow, Mary, Anna Rodriguez, and Prince on the floor!

The golf cart is a gift from Phil Hubbard. Mr. Jim Sisson from Starkville brought it to us and keeps it in running order! What did we ever do without it? Want a ride? Good in rain or shine!

Mardi Gras: February 5, 2010

It seems a little out of season to be preparing for Mardi Gras when we are just beginning the Advent season, but since the next newsletter does not go to press until March 1, we are including the invitation now.

You will see the ticket information on the front page of our printed newsletter; however, for those of you who live at a distance and will have no one approach you for a ticket, we would be glad to do the transaction for you through a phone call to us directly.

Several people may share the price of a ticket--and share the winnings--if your name is drawn. If you aren't familiar with a "draw down", it's like a raffle in reverse.

The first ticket drawn will receive $100, then every 10th ticket drawn will receive a prize until there is only one ticket left. That is the winner of the $2000! The drawing is done in the context of a great party.

Last year's party was great. The food and music were great, too!

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