December 1, 1998 Vol. 12, No. 4 [p. 2]

San Damiano Staff House Becomes a Reality

Our new home arrived September 22 and after much effort at rounding the corner to come up our lane it was set in place with many prayers of thanks and praise. Seventy feet of rigid steel does not bend around corners easily!

Since that time it has been "trimmed out" inside, the electricity, water, and sewer connected, the glitches addressed, furniture purchased, and the brick skirting completed. So---

Maggie and I officially moved in November 10. We are enjoying the space-- after 12 years of living in 8'x10' rooms, it's a dream. Recliners in our bedrooms! And a bathtub to soak in! This is living!!

As this goes to press we are awaiting the landscaper to create a driveway and proper drainage and a carpenter to build front and back porches.

Thanks to Al Wyman and Corpus Christi Church in Macon that sponsored a chicken dinner September 27 as a benefit for San Damiano.

Thanks to John Maloney and the Knights of Columbus at St. Patrick's in Meridian who sponsored a barbecue as a benefit for us, also.

Thanks to all who contributed toward the cost in any way. To date, $25,000.50 has been donated toward its completion. We praise God- and you- for your generosity.

A Halloween Treat from the Cub Scouts

On October 31 boys from the Cub Scout troop from St. Joseph, Starkville, helped rake mountains of pine straw in our lane. They brought their moms, dads, sisters, and friends to attack the job!

These three scouts are getting an ecology lesson on using the needles as mulch around trees and shrubs. Thanks, boys. We hope you also enjoyed the beauty of the environment.

And a special thanks to Karen McFadden and all who organized the day and to all the parents who assisted and supervised.

Noxubee County Hog Farm Update

In response to our county supervisors' ruling on increasing the buffer zone around public gathering places to 1.5 miles to ward off environmental problems, Prestage Farms took them and the neighboring counties to court. The judge ruled in favor of the hog farm conglomerate, stating that such a restriction would bring financial ruin to the hog industry. The supervisors are now appealing the ruling. We ask for your continued prayer in this regard.

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