December 1, 1999 Vol. 13, No. 4 [p. 2]

Friends Day, October 30, 1999

Morag (right) and friends

"Our lending library with its emphasis on spirituality is one of the many facets of our ministry here at The Dwelling Place," says Morag Burgess, adjunct staff member, retreat, and spiritual director. Here she is sharing the gift of our library and our ministry of spiritual direction with two new friends on Friends Day.

Mother Nature cooperated with The Dwelling Place Community by providing perfect weather to enhance the atmosphere of welcome that everyone sensed. Friends new and old came from Columbus, Starkville, Meridian, and points between.

Friends were also invited to learn more about how The Dwelling Place came into being, its charism and its present and future vision through Clare Van Lent, director.

Martha Williams and Monika Beatty

In the photo at the left, Martha Williams, Community member, chats with Monika Beatty before she encourages her to make a purchase of some of Sr. Maggie's bread or jam. T shirts, caramels, books, cards, and more were available at the Gift Shop Martha operated that day.

The day included a luncheon donated by Community members and a tour of the grounds. Mary Horrell, staff member, also invited everyone to join in a prayer service sometimes throughout the day.

Joy Lyons, adjunct staff member, retreat, and spiritual director, explained in detail the role directed retreats and the three hermitages play in our ministry.

To top off the day, Mrs. Vicki Bailey's name was drawn for a free retreat weekend of her choice at The Dwelling Place. Hope to see you soon, Vicki.

We trust that we have made many new and lasting friends.

(standing) Elaine Fish, Toni Maloney, John Maloney, Mary Horrell, Liz Proffitt, Clare Van Lent, Christi Quinn, Martha Williams, Clara Hicks, and Jean Haspeslagh. (seated) Gene Hicks, Joan Bartik, Sr. Maggie Kossee, and Morag Burgess.

Homecoming-- Coming "Home" to The Dwelling Place

On September 11 former Dwelling Place Associates gathered with current Community members to renew old friendships and catch up on the latest developments at The Dwelling Place at our first "Homecoming".


$200,000 by 2K UPDATE

We have one more month in 1999 to reach our goal of:

$1000 in hours pledged at $10 per hour and $100,000 in cash.

Thus far, we have received:

$13,000 in volunteer hours;  $77,200 in cash.

In volunteer hours we are far from our goal, but we rejoice in over 1300 hours of hard work you have done for this little corner of God's kingdom! At half day or day at a time, it takes a long time to log 1300 hours!! Thanks, all of you! We still have One month to go!

As I said in the last letter, we are also most grateful for the cash donations for the ordinary operating expenses which include insurance, taxes, and salaries, besides maintenance and myriads of etc., etc., etc. It is through you that we are able to meet our daily bills. God's blessings to you! Let's make the $100,000!

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