The Dwelling Place
The Dwelling Place
David and Kathleen Cruseck
David and Kathleen Cruseck

Vesper Time--- And Now What?

April 27 - 28

Donation: $100

In the monastic tradition, Vespers is the sixth Hour of pause by the monks for prayer. It is the time when the day is not yet done, but is drawing to a close. It is a time perhaps to consider the experiences of the day.

Just as the monks pause at various hours of the day for prayer and reflection, so we, at particular seasons or Hours of our lives, need to pause to pray and reflect upon our history: where we have been, where we are now, and consider the direction we are headed.

Whether we are 25 beginning a career and a family, 35 and making decisions about our profession, or 60, 70, and beyond considering retirement, it can be a valuable practice to examine our circumstance, monitor and adjust, or plot our future course.

Through our time together, we hope to provide a perspective through which to consider, whatever point in life you find yourself and perhaps ask What now? Where to from here? How can I best make this time in my life truly God's time.

Presenters: Kathleen and David Gruseck, married for 50 years, 3 adult children, 11 grandchildren.