Questions? Text us at 832-510-8448

Questions? Text us at 832-510-8448


• Get a Bible (download the app for free, or pick one up at Circle Couch Coffee)
• Read the New Believer’s Handbook also available at Circle Couch Coffee
• Attend Service Weekly (Sundays 10AM)
• Get Baptized! (sign-up at the info desk)

• Stay faithful with weekly church attendance
• Text HELLO to 281-918-4949
• Attend the Connect Class
• Introduce yourself to our pastors and leaders
• Get involved in church life (find out more)
• Be sure to attend the next 10 Cities Conference!
• Subscribe to our email list to stay updated on what's going on! sign up now

• Be active in prayer. Join with us in ongoing Dwell prayer and worship times. (find out more)
• Read through the Bible (One Year Bible paper back, or Bible Project app free)
• Go on a 10C Trip!
• Join a ministry or serve team.
• Don’t just attend church… be the church! Share the gospel and represent Jesus to your friends, family, and coworkers. Serve them, pray for them, and share the love of Christ with them.

• Get familiar with our Core Values you can read them here
• Read Leadership books from our shop located at Circle Couch Coffee
‍• Watch our “Leadership Sessions with Randy Needham” broadcast and subscribe to
• Lead a Community Group!
• Be active in your personal calling.
• Don’t keep silent… Share your testimonies with us: click here
• Dream big. Let’s journey together and make Jesus famous!  

The four circles of a thriving Christian life:

Dwell Within the 1st Circle is you and GOD. It’s the first for a reason.
This relationship should overflow abundant life into all the rest.  
Community Inside the 2nd Circle is you and PEOPLE. Life is all about loving God, and then loving People.
There are a lot of people, so this is a big circle.  
Grow The 3rd Circle is full of you and. . . YOU. Body, Mind, Emotions, Finances, Self-Image, and all the rest.
Every one of us is growing into a better person in Christ.
Destiny Our last Circle is you and your CALLING.
There’s a big world out there, and God has called each one of us to leave a legacy.